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Stabilising from the start

Whether constructing over very soft or variable ground, creating a mechanically stabilised layer with Tensar geogrids for roads and other areas (paved and unpaved) or working platforms can bring substantial benefits:

  • Capping and sub-base layers can be reduced up to 50% with no performance loss, reducing material and excavation costs, time on site and construction CO2emissions
  • Expensive removal and off-site disposal of contaminated soils may be avoided
  • Differential settlement on variable ground can be controlled using layers of geogrids to create a flexurally stiff platfom
  • Using site-won material as fill reduces waste material
  • Geogrids can be used to improve site access and increase the bearing capacity of working platforms for tracked plant to reduce fills and  better safety
  • The bearing capacity of permeable pavements can be increased by the inclusion of geogrid reinforcement in the aggregate base layer.

Firm Foundation

Tensar’s experience in ground stabilisation includes the design of Load Transfer Platforms over pile foundations or Rammed Aggregate piers which in the case of ground floor slabs can reduce their design span and significantly reduce the steel reinforcement required,(from rebar to steel mesh). This can avoid the need for costly steel-fixers considerably speeding up construction time.

Tensar has the answer for retaining walls and steep embankments, too

Using retaining walls and steep slopes can really make a difference to the land available for use. Our TensarTech Systems can make it easy to construct environmentally attractive slopes and high retaining walls without major foundation costs, while Tensar Mat retains topsoil on newly created slopes.

Tensar Technology – minimum construction time, optimum land use

With Tensar’s know-how in ground stabilisation and foundation support, you can minimise time on-site and make more use of the available area.

Protection – keeping it green

Soil slopes, drainage swales and waterways can be improved by the use of either biodegradable or permanent erosion products. Tensar has a proven range of sustainable engineering products to establish and maintain naturally green solutions.

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