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TensarTech® Stratum Geoćeliski Madrac za fundiranje

When faced with soft foundation soils where expensive piling and other deep ground foundation treatments are not viable, the TensarTech Geocell Mattress System provides an alternative approach for embankment construction, often delivering savings in cost and time.

Used when new embankments are sited over weak and variable ground, including waste deposits and brownfield sites, the TensarTech Geocell Mattress System creates a 1m deep stiff foundation platform that mitigates the effects of differential settlement, reduces lateral spread and can increase bearing capacity to improve stability enabling accelerated fill placement.

There is usually no need for excavation and removal of the subsoil; the celluar foundation mattress is constructed directly over the weak soil and filled with granular material to create a stiff raft foundation. The TensarTech Stratum System is a continuous cellular structure, rapidly fabricated on site using a Tensar TriAx® geogridbase and cell walls formed with Tensar uniaxial geogrids secured at their intersection using simple polymer rods or bodkins. If required, after filling, the mattress can easily accommodate vertical wick drains to further accelerate consolidation. 

The TensarTech Stratum Celluar Foundation Mattress System comes complete with the full design and construction support of our team of experienced engineers. They can provide everything from free application suggestions that even includes Professional Indemnity cover, so you can easily find the complete solution from one source.

The comprehensive system for managing embankment construction over the worst of ground conditions

The TensarTech® Stratum™ Cellular Foundation Mattress System increases stability and has been demonstrated to reduce both lateral spread and peak settlement and also to permit very even and controlled settlement.

TensarTech® Stratum Cellular Foundation Mattress System

  • Rapid construction
  • Can often avoid excavation and replacement
  • A valuable alternative to piling or other ground improvement
  • Even and controlled settlement
  • Can improve the bearing capacity of soft soils
  • Provides lateral drainage in conjunction with wick drains
  • Reduced loss of fill into weak foundation
  • Full design service available
  • Everything you need from one source

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